Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Most Random Playlist You'll Ever See

Music has always played an integral role in my life, so it should be no surprise that I rely on it when I've had a hard day. It doesn't matter why my day has been bad, I always turn to the same songs to cheer me up. As you can see, there really is no rhyme or reason to the list--any playlist with both Drake and Supertramp is pretty random--but all of them will put a smile on my face. Especially Hall & Oates, because how can you not dance to You Make My Dreams Come True??

Happy Songs by Ley on Grooveshark

What songs cheer you up when you need it?

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silverfog said...

aww, very sweet! happy music is the best :3 I personally like Lenka- even her sad songs are so cute!


Ley said...

I agree! I have only heard one of Lenka's songs--the title is escaping me--but it certainly put a smile on my face.

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