Friday, March 29, 2013

"And Now We Must Turn It Into A Racing Car By...Bolting Lots of...Racing Car Bits To It."

Even though this day was a long time coming, I honestly felt like it would just never arrive. Ladies and gentlemen, I have bought a new (to me) car. 

Meet Pamela. She is a 2010 Ford Focus, with a manual transmission, and she rides like a dream.
 I don't have a marriage sack that fits her {yet}. 
The number one goal that I had for 2013 was to purchase a new car, and the fact that I can cross it off of my list in the first quarter of the year makes me incredibly proud. I could gush forever and ever about all of the reasons why I am so glad that I own (another) Focus, but I'll restrain myself from getting too mushy about my new baby. Can I just point out how nice it is to finally be driving a standard again? It feels like home. 

Have you crossed a goal off of your list yet this year?

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Carissa Z said...

Congrats!! Ooo!! She's a beaut! I love that color! Haha! And I love that you named her! I usually name my cars but have been stuck for names the last two.

Ley said...

Thanks!! I am still so in love with the car, it's ridiculous. I volunteer to run to the store when we need something just so that I have an excuse to drive her.

The names for my cars have come easily so far, but Pamela is my favourite. I just giggle a little every time I say it.

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