Thursday, December 6, 2012

Well, That Escalated Quickly

Every few months, I get this insatiable itch to change something

At first I'll feed this need with small changes: 
a new hair color 
a few blog tweaks 
a new ringtone for my phone. 

I can't count the shadows to keep myself safe; 
 the itch will always catch up with me
just like the vashta nerada will always catch up with those in the shadows.

The night started out innocently enough; 
I was just going to change my navigation bar. 
I had created a new one a few weeks ago, 
and from the second that I installed it I absolutely hated it. 
I've been mulling it over for weeks, 
and finally I decided to get up off my rump and change it. 


Before I could get to the nav bar, I stared at my font choices. 
The font (Origin Light) that I once loved so much was now making my eye twitch. 
It was decided.
I needed to change my fonts. 


You can't just change your font willy-nilly. 
You have to take your time. 
The font that you choose is an integral part of your design; 
it helps form the basis for your brand. 


And then...

I sorted through all of my new fonts. 
Some had to be ruled out because they didn't have the ability to type the umlaut in my blog title. 
(the dots on top of the a in rakas kesä is an umlaut.)


I typed.
I switched between fonts. 
I wrote down about thirty font names, 
and I slowly eliminated them
one by one. 

Finally, I was down to two fonts. 
I can work with two. 

So off I went, 
creating a new navigation bar. 
Once that was finished I had another revelation:
my blog header no longer matched. 
Neither did my buttons. 
You know.
The buttons that are everywhere? 

So off I went, 
creating a new header. 
New buttons. 
A new list of sidebar links 
(although the links? Not working at the moment. Fury.) {UPDATE: fixed!}
The new links lead to new widget titles. 

Finally, I had it all installed. 
And boy, did it look pretty. 

I've kept the amazing welcome image that Chelsea created for me earlier this year because it just cannot be topped.

But the rest?

The rest was all painstakingly created by me. 

Did I stop there?

After triumphantly overhauling my entire blog design in one night
did I turn off my laptop and crawl into bed? 


Because suddenly
I had motivation. 

That 'work with me' page that I've been avoiding finishing for so long? 

The Great Design Beast took over
and I just kept going. 

When my (Vancouver) best friend texted me to ask why the hell I wasn't asleep yet
I finally looked at the clock. 
Five hours. 
I had spent five consecutive hours 
making all of these changes, 
pausing only to plug my laptop in when it told me to plug in or I'd lose everything. 

This is my random, 
about that time that I compulsively re-designed my blog 
instead of sleeping. 

Better make it five and a half hours, since I also decided to blog.

Don't judge me. 


karmasutra10 said...

Haha it's beautiful! Well worth your late night ;)

PS: thanks for the link back to my blog! I guess that means I should write a new post? Haha

Stefani Wright Leavitt said...

Ahhh I do this ALL the time, it seems. The whole design thing sucks you in, doesn't it? I totally can relate to this entire post and it's funny.

LOVE the new design, though! It's pretty. :-)

Mel said...

Oh man I am with you there! You get so into it and before you knowits the the morning 3 days later.

Loveing the new design by the way:) that green/blue colour is to die for

Ley said...

Thanks Mel! I'm quite proud of it, although I won't admit to tilting my head sideways and sighing happily as I look at it. That would be weird...

Ley said...

Like a quart of Ben & Jerry's, blog design appears to be an all-or-nothing sport.

Thanks! I'm really digging the minimalist look of it! :)

Melbourne on my Mind said...

It's so preeeeeeeeeeetty!!! I, on the other hand, have no skills whatsoever when it comes to design, so I rarely feel the urge to change things. And, last time I *did* feel the need to change, it very conveniently happened at a time when Kimba was giving away a blog redesign, so I didn't even have to do any of the work! WIN.

Ley said...

Score! Free blog designs are amazing!

I'm not so good at outsourcing my design...I'm just super picky, and honestly I feel horrible asking someone else to put up with me. So I've just taught myself how to do it to compensate for my control issues. Whatever works, right??

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