Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

  1. Participating in Natalie's #OMGCOFFEMUGSWAP (or, trying to anyways. I received my amazing mug from Clare (blog post to come), but Canada Post keeps returning the package for Clare to me. But! It's in Australia so it should be delivered soon!!)
  2. Spending time with my sweet Little A. 
  3. Masquaraaaaaaade!! (Happy joint birthday, Lana & Becca!!)
  4. Finding the perfect wrapping paper for my always colour-coordinated Christmas presents. 
  5. Snuggling with the most irritating/cute kitty on the planet. 
  6. Sick days with a little girl (but we managed to sleep in!)
  7. Drinking green juice (I think Bolthouse adds crack to their juice, it's that addictive!) (obviously that was a hyperbole, I don't actually think that they would add crack!) (But it would explain a lot!) (JUST KIDDING)
  8. Buying a festive new case for my phone. 
  9. Wrapping a ridiculous number of presents while watching Home Alone 2. 
  10. Having a pint (or two) in celebration of a victory at work. 


amber m said...

At least you haven't been all boring and doing nothing instead of blogging :p
Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that wrapping paper!!

Lorraine said...

I was going to make the same, "I've been boring when I'm not blogging comment." :)

Wanna come over to my house and do some wrapping??

Ley said...

I almost miss my boring life--December is just so busy!

Amber--the wrapping paper was from Canadian Tire, but it's Debbie Travis so you can probably get it anywhere that sells her line.

Lorraine--I'd love to! I'm terrible at anything other than a box shape, however, so keep that in mind! It's warm in Florida right now, yes? Because I can be there tomorrow. With my bikini.

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