Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crazy for Coats

Winter Wonderland

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Now that I have been at my legit Big Girl Job for {almost} six months, I have this itch to piece together a new wardrobe. The kind of wardrobe that contains investment pieces; classic items that are well-made and will last a long time forever. 

First on my list of investment pieces? A trench coat. Well, two actually: a gorgeous {and warm!} trench for winter, and a lighter trench for spring and fall. 

This is apparently quite the mission, and so far I am still on the prowl for just the right coat(s) to splurge on. For now, my clearance rack black trench coat will just have to do. 

What wardrobe item do you want to splurge on?


abby said...

#6 is my favorite. Though I love anything in that rich orange-pumpkin tone. Love your blog! I found you while aimlessly wandering internet land and I am so glad i did. can't wait to read more :)

Everyday with Hazel Mae

Amy Smith said...

I love these coats!!! Such similar style we have ;-)

Ley said...

I am obsessed with military-style trenches and peacoats! I need all of them in my life.

We do! I'm still fawning over the purse that you took to the Highland Games! And that blue watch--where did you find it??

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