Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill: The Doctors

To say that my household is obsessed with Doctor Who is an understatement!
Eff, Marry, Kill gives me the perfect platform to show my true colors. 
Those that know me won't be surprised by my picks!
It's confusing, because they are each regenerations of the same person...
But when they regenerate, they take on a new form, and each form has a unique personality. 
So while technically they are the same person...they just aren't!
Did you follow that? 

Eff....the 9th Doctor {no explanation required, amiright ladies?}

Marry....the 10th Doctor {really, do I even need to explain this one?? Those eyes, that suit, and that personality! He is the best Doctor, hands down. I swoon on a regular basis for David Tennant's Doctor.}

Kill...the 11th Doctor {the bowtie just doesn't do it for me, and he just seems like a bit of a weenie. BEFORE YOU FANGIRLS GO NUTS ON ME, know that I haven't actually watched his season(s) yet. So this is an unscientific and wholly biased EMK.}

Where do the Doctors land on your list? 

Don't forget to join the fun at The Vintage Apple!


Jacquie G. said...

I actually would be torn between marring 9 and 10, but I kind of agree with 11, he just doesn't do it for me :( confessionsofacollegeangel.blogspot.com

Melbourne on my Mind said...

Okay, 1. How have I not been reading your blog until now???
2. Can I eff 10, marry 10, and send 9 and 11 off into space somewhere? (I like 9, but he does NOTHING for me, and while I occasionally enjoy aspects of 11, I want to punch him in the face more than kill him off completely!) You know??

Ley said...

1. I have no idea! But glad you like it!
2. I actually agree with you, but for the purposes of the game I felt like it was cheating choosing 10 for both! Kill is harsh too, but he'd just regenerate so I felt less bad about that.

I think 9 only does a little for me because he was kind of the jerkiest of the three, but in a funny way rather than just straight jerky. Ya know?

Ley said...

It was easier for me to choose 10 to marry, because then I'd be effing him too. LOOPHOLE :)

Jacquie G. said...

I didn't even think about that! Perfect loophole!

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