Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life, or Something Like It

Source unknown; found on Pinterest

I am a bit neurotic. I am a compulsive planner. I am obsessively organized, and it will bug me incessantly if I somehow mess it up. Failure is not an option for me, so when I do fail at something I am incredibly hard on myself. Leave me alone for too long in a quiet room, and I will start to go crazy. I constantly overbook myself, because I don't enjoy having nothing to do. In fact, I thrive on action-packed or stressful situations. Or, rather, I will get overwhelmed and cry, but as soon as my cry is over I will thrive. 

If you know me in real life, you will know that these are not startling revelations. 

It isn't always easy to live in harmony with my quirks; instead, I often feel as though I am battling against them. I am uncomfortable with change {if it is sprung on me}, so it tends to make me {more than} a little bit hard to live around. 

I had a plan for my life. I had set goals and deadlines, as well as establishing check-points to ensure that I was on track in order to live up to my plan. Instead of changing the deadline, I would alter the method that I would use to reach my goals. Everything was incrementally mapped out, the way one would lay out the route for a marathon. 

Are you surprised to hear that my life has not gone according to my plan? You shouldn't be. I'm not even that surprised, if I'm completely honest with myself. But that doesn't mean that it is easy to give up The Plan. It means forgiving yourself for not meeting your goals, for taking turns in life that you didn't ever expect yourself to take. It's about letting go of the constant that you had to rely on that is no longer even a remote possibility.

We all have a plan, whether we admit it or not. Those vague ideas that flit around in your head of when you want to get married, have kids, buy a house, or even what job you want to do: those are all part of your plan. Mine was detailed; methodically laid out in a logical sequence complete with concrete deadlines. 

I did not make those deadlines. It's extremely difficult for me to reconcile the fact that I failed, and even harder for me to accept that I have had to change my timeline so drastically from what I had originally envisioned for myself.

The next time I'm having a hard time accepting that my life didn't go according to my plan, remember that I'm happy. I'm so happy with so many aspects of my life that it can be overwhelming at times--but that doesn't stop me from lamenting what I see as failures. 

Are you hard on yourself about anything?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween, Adult-Style

Tonight is Old Bar Halloween. 

{Old Bar is a country bar in a country town that is full of awesome. 
And has a boar head smoking a cigarette on its wall. Win.}

Based on the historical data available, I will be Old Bar drunk tonight.

{This is similar to, but not quite as boisterous as, Las Vegas drunk.
Nonetheless it is a legendary state of drunk.}

This sums up both my costume and how my night will end exquisitely. 

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #12

So what have I learned this past week?

  • Giving up a pet is hard, and leads to random bouts of ugly crying. {I sure do seem to cry a lot...I blame my ovaries.}
  • High on my list of Things I Dislike is being blamed for the errors and/or stupidity of others--I'm very sure that I am not unique in this. So why do people still do it? #lifequestions
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy is a completed and balanced meal, and I am not ashamed to order it for lunch. 
  • Sometimes you have to get over your preferences, and adapt to someone else's style. In the long run, it will make everyone involved happier. 


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. Kendall's sweet honesty made me cry.
  2. Bobbie wrote a fantastic review of  The Casual Vacancy, and I wholeheartedly agree with her. 
  3. I loved Kendra's easy to follow tutorial on how to change the colors of your Passionfruit widget. {this involves changing your CSS, so don't forget to back up your blog before you do anything!}
  4.  Have I mentioned that I'm a sucker for cute nurseries
  5. The tutorials that Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus creates are amazing. 
  6. Do your looks affect you in the business world? 

What were your favourite reads this week?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a Peter Griffin Kind of Day

You know what really grinds my gears? 

...when people get too big for their britches. Is it a faux-pas to mention #bloggingproblems on a blog?
...when people don't pay attention to important details--especially when I'm paying money for something. 
...when people call me by the wrong name even though I've introduced myself or sent emails with my name in them over a dozen times. Call me crazy, but "Ashley" sounds nothing like Stephanie, or Carla, or Norma, or any of the other names that you just called me. 
..when people drive like asshats. It's not that hard to wave when I let you in. 
...the fact that common courtesy isn't actually common any more, or really present at all.
...the fact that people seem to think that it is okay to blame me for their errors, and subsequently take their anger out on me. Nope. In no world will I ever be okay with this, or take it lying down. 
...the fact that I have now had a mystery bruise on the side of my thigh for two weeks, and it is both gross to look at and painful. 

What grinds your gears?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill: The Doctors

To say that my household is obsessed with Doctor Who is an understatement!
Eff, Marry, Kill gives me the perfect platform to show my true colors. 
Those that know me won't be surprised by my picks!
It's confusing, because they are each regenerations of the same person...
But when they regenerate, they take on a new form, and each form has a unique personality. 
So while technically they are the same person...they just aren't!
Did you follow that? 

Eff....the 9th Doctor {no explanation required, amiright ladies?}

Marry....the 10th Doctor {really, do I even need to explain this one?? Those eyes, that suit, and that personality! He is the best Doctor, hands down. I swoon on a regular basis for David Tennant's Doctor.}

Kill...the 11th Doctor {the bowtie just doesn't do it for me, and he just seems like a bit of a weenie. BEFORE YOU FANGIRLS GO NUTS ON ME, know that I haven't actually watched his season(s) yet. So this is an unscientific and wholly biased EMK.}

Where do the Doctors land on your list? 

Don't forget to join the fun at The Vintage Apple!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Time I Ugly Cried Over the Cat That I Always Complain About

I remember walking through the door to my friends' condo, and finding eight tiny little kittens running around. Audrey immediately sat down on the floor to laugh at their silly antics. They were jumping, and mewing, and playing robustly. One little kitten broke away from the pack, and crawled into her lap. 

"This is Gilford." she said triumphantly. "This is my kitty."

"Are you sure, hunny? There are so many. Do you want to play with them first?" I asked, wondering if her decision was rash. "Of course it was rash, she is only three after all." I told myself. 

"No Mom, I don't need to play with the other kitties. This is Gilford. Can I please have her collar?" Audrey rolled her eyes as she spoke, clearly impatient with my questions. I handed her the purple collar, and showed her how to put it on. 

"Well, that was easy." I thought. "Now I just need to find my kitten." 

They were all so fluffy and cute. How could Audrey make it seem so easy? So I took Audrey's lead: I sat down on the floor, and I played with the kittens. There were kittens crawling into my shirt, climbing on my shoulders, and sleeping in my hands; as cute as they were, I knew that none of them were my cat. I was feeling discouraged, and pressured to choose one. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my toe. I quickly looked over, and found the source of the pain: there was a kitten attached to my toe, happily chewing away. I don't know if it was the insolence of chewing on my extremity, or the way he seemed entirely comfortable doing so, but I knew that this was my Toulouse. I popped his black collar onto him, loaded our new family members into their kennel, and we drove home.

Toulouse is on the left, Gilford is on the right. I think.

They spent most of their first few months doing what kittens do--sleeping in their box, making messes in my previously immaculate condo, and generally raising hell. They were too small to climb into their litter box on their own, so I created a makeshift staircase leading up to it using a stack of hardcover books. They ate more than I thought possible, and their litter box was always full. But dang it if they weren't sweet as heck, just indescribably sweet.

Apparently they didn't get the memo that you don't kiss your sibling with tongue. Awkward.

Slowly, as they grew up, I started to realize the pitfalls of having two cats in a small condo: everything was covered in cat hair, no matter how many hours I spent vacuuming; the litter box would be full after only a day, so a second was required; most problematic was their penchant for playing from 1-5am--jumping across my bed, stepping on my head, usually with claws out. I couldn't leave the bathroom door open, because everything would end up on the ground and the garbage would be knocked over and strewn across the room.

A deceptive photo; this was taken during his midday nap.

While Gilford has always been an easy-going cat, Toulouse became more of a problem as time went on. He became very possessive of me, to the point that he simply wouldn't allow me out of his sight while I was home. He would follow me from room to room, climbing up my body so that I would be forced to hold him. Heaven forbid I should close the door when I had a bath--he would have a fit, scratching at the door and meowing like he was in pain. If my daughter wanted to snuggle with me, he would push between us and get cranky if I tried to move him. His most irritating habit was his licking; while it might be his way of showing affection, I was being woken up multiple times each night by him licking my face or arms. I am allergic to cat saliva, it turns out, so this led to uncomfortable hives and lots of itchy skin. He would lick and chew on our hair while we sat on the couch--basically, he was a bit of a (super cute, non-violent) menace. 

This is the face of a menace, I swear.

I chalked this up to being a "stage"; he was only a year old, after all. I thought that with time, he would ease up on his intense need for affection and cool it with the constant kisses. "Orange cats calm down with age," said everyone I know with cats. "Just give him time," said they. 

It took a long time to accept that I wasn't the right parent for my little furbaby. I just couldn't give him the love that he so clearly wanted, and needed. I loved him so much, yet he drove me beyond the edge of crazy with those sleepless nights--they caught up to me, and I knew that I needed to find him a new home. 

A rare moment where I'm kissing him, instead of the reverse.

I couldn't bring myself to put an ad on Kijiji; I didn't want to give my baby to just anyone. I wanted him to go to a home that would love him the way that he needed to be loved. 

On Sunday afternoon, that is exactly what happened. 

A friend from work came over with her boyfriend, purely to "meet" Toulouse. They brought their furbaby, a gorgeous Border Collie named Burt, to make sure that there wouldn't be any personality conflicts between the two of them. After an hour and a half they had fallen in love with my little man, just as I knew that they would. I stayed calm, upbeat even, the whole time. Even while packing up his favourite toys, bed, dishes and litter box, I was calm. I knew in my heart that this was the right decision for Toulouse. 

I walked them outside, and helped load my little boy into their car. I said my final goodbye (he would barely look at me, his anger over being shoved into a kennel and taken by strangers was written on his face), I stayed calm. It's the right thing to do. 

Then I turned away from him, said goodbye to my friends, and walked back into my building. And good lord, did I cry. I ugly cried in my kitchen for over a half hour, again at my boyfriends' house, and even more later that night in bed. Deep down, I know that I did the right thing. He has only been at his new home for twenty-four hours, but he has already settled in nicely. He has claimed his spot on both their bed and couch, and has declared which windowsill shall be his throne. 

I know that I did the right thing. But I miss this face more than I ever thought possible. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #11

My wrap up is late, I know. It's been a busy week! Let's get on with it, shall we?

So what have I learned this past week?
  •  Some bloggers are absolutely wonderful people, and some are not. Kind of like the rest of the world.
  •  I can't stand being told "it's going to be ok" when I'm upset about something. In fact, it kind of makes me even more upset. 
  •  I was introduced to the new girl at work as Dwight Schrute...and oddly, I'm ok with that. 
  •   The only time I wear lipgloss is when there are VIP's at work. 
  •   I have a terrible poker face. 


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?
  1. I'm a sucker for a cute nursery 
  2. I need to clone Archibald and name him Petey. 
  3. This depiction of 20-somethings is almost entirely spot-on. 
  4. Because I'm a cliched girl, I squealed at these awesome engagement photos
  5.  No hockey yet. (I will not confirm that I might have teared up upon reading this). 
What were your favourite reads this week?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

{guest post} The Pretty Physicists' Favourite Things

I'm always excited to share my space with other bloggers, and today I have one of my favourites. The amazing Jess from The Pretty Physicist is the inaugural  guest poster here at rakas kesa! When you get the chance, check out her blog--she is one of the sweetest people that I've never met. After you fall in love with her, don't forget to like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest!


Hi all! I'm Jess and I blog over at The Pretty Physicist. I am so thrilled to be here, guest posting for Ley. She is so gorgeous and sweet!
I am a late 20's lifestyle blogger. I have been married to the love of my life for over 5 1/2 years. We have 4 fur babies (all cats), and will hopefully be adding some human babies in the near future. We live in the country in south-central Pennsylvania. I recently underwent a lumbar spine fusion to fix an old gymnastics injury that had me sidelined and unable to do any physical activity. Come join me over on my blog - in the next few months, I'll be sharing recipes, books, and all about my recovery and journey back into the world I've missed - exercise. Who knows? Hopefully there will even be some babies ...

Now that the introductions are over, I'm here to tell you about five of my favorite things. I love reading favorite things posts because they always inspire me to try new products, which sometimes end up as my newest favorites. I don't know about you, but my list of "favorites" is always evolving. Five is a pretty small number, but I'll try to make it good!

1. My favorite candy

          Ugh, the first thing and I'm cheating already. I'll just modify it to 5 categories, and allow multiples per category. I think that'll be safer. :)
          So ... I have 3 favorite candies - Nerds, Gobstoppers, and (American) Smarties. You may notice that chocolate is not on my list, which may seem strange to you. All my life, I've never really liked chocolate (insert GASP! here). I'll eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but it's really only for the peanut butter. Give me a peanut butter ball and I'm just as happy. I'll eat Rollos, but again, it's really only for the caramel.

2. My favorite drink

          For this category, I'll give you an alcoholic drink and an non-alcoholic drink. For my alcoholic drink, a local (central Pennsylvania) vineyard makes a delicious Spiced Apple Wine.  It is sweet and spicy and fall in a bottle. The brand is Clover Hill Winery ... if you can find it in your area, I HIGHLY recommend trying it.
          For my non-alcoholic drink, I have to say unsweetened tea. it is refreshing, delicious, and zero calories. I'll drink it hot or cold, all day!

Why yes, I did take these (both half full) out of my fridge for the picture.
3. My favorite beauty product

         These two go hand-in-hand here. I believe that the combination has made my skin brighter, clearer, and "prettier". They are my Clarisonic Mia and my Neutrogena Visibly Bright Cleanser. The Clarisonic Mia does more than just clean my skin. It DEEP cleans my skin, getting all of the "crud" out of my pores. I break out less and my face is more accepting to my moisturizers and skin creams. I can also definitely tell if I skip a day. If you do not have one already, I highly recommend it. They have a kind of high price tag ($119), but I found mine on eBay for $89. If you watch for deals, you can find them ... and it is WORTH IT. Promise.

4. My favorite celebrity chef

         Male - Michael Symon. I *may* have a small crush on him, but that's probably because he's such a funny, down-to-earth guy and he's a great chef. I first liked him on Iron Chef America, but I've come to love him on The Chew. You really see his personality there.
         Female - Rachael Ray. This is a controversial choice because she isn't really a "chef" and a lot of people don't like her ... but I do. I love that she isn't a "chef" but she still has her own show and cooking empire, which is my secret deep-down dream. I love that her meals are fast but homemade. We are also very similar as cooks. Neither of us measures (I'm a big believer of eyeballing it or seasoning by taste), we don't like to bake (because of the measuring thing), and all of my cookware matches hers (probably because it is hers!)

5. My favorite fall outfit

         I haven't been able to put this on yet, even though it is fall in Pennsylvania. (My surgery kind of prevents me from wearing anything besides sweats and PJs right now) However, if I could wear anything, I would put this outfit on in a heart beat.

How do you feel about my favorite items? Are they some of yours?

Hope you'll stop over on my blog and see me! Thanks for having me, Ley!


Thanks for being with us Jess! I’m a candy junkie too, and Nibs are my crack.
What are your favourite things? 

Monday, October 15, 2012

August Glossybox Review

I have had this draft sitting in my folder since August 1st; I did not receive my box for August until September 28th, and it was full of items that are found in a drugstore.

It is now October, and I have not yet received my September Glossybox. 

I have tried contacting them regarding my concerns about the contents of the boxes and their delivery time-frames  and so far all of my emails have gone unanswered.

To say that I am dissatisfied with Glossybox is an understatement. I have cancelled my account with them, and sent a final email explaining why. At this point I don't expect to receive a response from them, and that makes me sad. I had such high hopes for a Canadian beauty subscription service to provide high-quality items, and I was really excited to be able to share new products with y'all. 

When (if?) I receive my September box--and the October box that I've already paid for!--I will post a review of all three at the same time. 

Have you ever been disappointed by a company?

This post was not sponsored by Glossybox, and the opinions contained herein are my own. Negative reviews are not meant maliciously, they are simply given when I do not personally enjoy a product. If I have given one of your products a negative review and you wish to discuss this, please feel free to send me an email. By utilizing a "click here" link, you are letting Glossybox know that I have referred you. I receive no cash compensation for this, although I will earn GLOSSYdots that can be used towards free boxes in the future. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #10

this is my life. boyfriend does not approve.

So what have I learned this past week?
  • I can no longer state that Joss Whedon has a flawless career. Reason: Cabin in the Woods. I still love you, but, you was horrible and don't ever write a crappy movie again, okay?
  • Highlight of my week: shadow puppets. 
  • The day before a long weekend is always blissfully slow, giving you a chance to catch up on your to do list. Just remember that you pay for it later, because the week after a long weekend is insane. 
  • I am most productive when I have Buffy on in the background--except for the episode in season three when all of the adults start acting like teenagers, and Giles and Buffy's mom get together because it should have been like that the whole time and I can't really tear my eyes away. Well, and "Once More, With Feeling" because MUSICAL BUFFY. 
  •  Pumpkin cheesecake is not overrated. It is amazing!


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?
  1. Uh, Jennie? I'm pretty sure that we need to be internetbestfriends because awesome.  
  2. Joelle's raw and honest post about feeling like a fraud hits close to home, and I love her that much more for opening up about a difficult topic. | Also, this post confirms my hypothesis that we are soul sisters.
  3. Jessica posted about Bonnie's The Roost Tribe Premium Membership, and I fell in love immediately. $5 a month for a whole bunch of goodies--how can you go wrong? I'll let you know what I think after I see everything that's included!
  4. This has been my life motto since I had a child of my own. 
  5. Etsy has a tutorial section! Excuse me while I attempt (and fail horribly) at making everything listed in it!
What were your favourite reads this week?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Heart of a Bugatti, Physically a Corolla

Everyone has their curse in life. For some, it's being so good looking that it hurts; for others, it's being born into an obscenely rich family and never having to worry about anything more tragic than "We ran out of champagne!"

I'm not so lucky as to have #richkidproblems. My curse is my damn car. 

Meet Betsy, the not-so-loveable 2001 Corolla that I drive.

{this isn't a photo of Betsy, it's Google's closest option}

It's the fastest car on the road. Just kidding

The story of how I ended up with Betsy is simple: my previous car, Meredith the 2001 Focus, unceremoniously crapped out on me a week before Christmas in 2010. Through a series of family-related events, I ended up in possession of Betsy. 

Long before Betsy was in my life, when I knew that Mer was on her last legs, I decided that I would save up for a newer car. Nothing super fancy, but something reliable that would last for longer than a few years. 

Well, then I ended up with Betsy. The car that burns more oil than gas. The car that doesn't have power windows. The car whose radio resets itself on a regular basis, erasing any favourite stations that were saved. The car whose radio who (lately) only works when the planets align just so and allow me to listen to CISN without static. 

She's been on her last legs for a little while now, but this week winter hit and she's taken a turn for the worst. She's an automatic, but she stalled five times on the way to work this morning. {Why is it that cars always stall at the worst times, like in an intersection when you're turning left, instead of when you're in a parking lot or a residential street?}

I've been sweet-talking her and cajoling her into not breaking down yet. So far it's been working, but I think her hearing is starting to go. I need to get through this winter, just one more winter, and then she can go to the farm to play with all of the other cars.

Maybe one day I won't have car woes.

What's your 'curse' in life?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So...I Have This Tablet... {a gadget review}

Last month I attended a trade show, and I was lucky enough to win a brand new tablet! I was super excited, because I have wanted one for a long time but was far too cheap to actually buy one for myself. Now that I've had a chance to use it for a while, I wanted to review it for all of you lovelies!

What is it: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab (yes, the infamous tablet at the centre of the Samsung/Apple war) (Not that I'm taking sides but my daughter immediately mistook it for an iPad--and I noticed an obscene number of similarities as well--so the lawsuit doesn't seem far-fetched.)
Retail Value: $349.99 CAD (source)
Operating System: Android 4.0
Battery Life In-Use (manufacturer): up to 14 hours
Battery Life Standby (manufacturer): up to 2000 hours

My Two Cents:

Right from the start, I found the tablet to be a little frustrating. This was my first Android gadget, so I knew that there would be a learning curve when it came to figuring out the device, but this was a little bit ridiculous. In no way would I describe it as an intuitive operating system; I find it clunky, and some processes (including something as simple as reorganizing the shortcuts on each of the main screens) are painful at best to perform.
When it comes to the battery life, I am convinced that Samsung has inflated its expected performance. I understand that streaming video or surfing the web should use more battery than, say, word processing, but I cannot for the life of me go more than a few hours without plugging it in. I've even tried disconnecting it from WiFi to use non-internet based programs, and the battery was still dead in under four hours. As for while it is in standby, it isn't much better--if I don't plug it in overnight, it will be dead by morning.
Verdict: I would not buy this device. 

The things that I actually like about the tablet (the third-party applications, the overall size and weight of the device, as well as the convenience of having a tablet instead of a laptop) can be found in other tablets. I do use it on a regular basis, and I am glad that I have it; if I had to shell out my own money for a tablet, though, I would spend a bit more and go for the iPad. Call me a hipster sheep if you must, but I value functionality over cost pretty much every time--and definitely in this case. 

You know, in my opinion.

I was not compensated in any way for this post. The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of any other person or organization. They are not meant to harm, simply to inform others of my experience with the product. If you work for Samsung and would like to address any of the points listed in this review, please feel free to contact me at {rakaskesa} at {gmail} dot {com}. I also do not claim to own any of the products/platforms/etc listed in this post--those are held by the companies that made them. Please don't sue me. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Hope That You Grow Up...

{are we friends on instagram yet?} 

My dear, sweet Audrey,

You are the very center of my world. There is nothing more important to me than ensuring your happiness. You are my jester, my snuggler, my baby girl.

I hope that you grow up to be a strong, passionate woman that is unafraid to follow her heart.

I hope that you grow up knowing how very important you are to so many people, and that you are wise enough to keep their love safe.

I hope that you grow up to know how to love unconditionally, and that you choose the right person to lavish this love upon.

I hope that you grow up to have a daughter that is just like you, because even on your worst day you are still the best thing to ever have happened to me.

I hope that you grow up understanding the importance of respect, both for yourself and for others.

I hope that you grow up with friends that will be there for you at each stage of life.

I hope that you grow up with faith in your heart, because it makes the really hard days so much easier.

I hope that you grow up knowing that no matter what happens, you can always come home again.

I hope that you grow up with happy memories of your childhood, even though you might struggle at times.

I hope that you never lose the compassion and empathy that is in your heart. You are such a loving and kind person.

I will never be able to truly express just how happy you make me. Sometimes, I am hard on you; it's not because I am mean, but because I know what you are capable of. Sometimes I get angry with you, but it's because I know that you know better. No matter what, never forget that you are my everything. I am your mama, and I love you so much more than I can put into words.

Thank you for being you, and thank you for loving me. Every hug is a cherished gift, every snuggle is a moment suspended in time.

Love you always,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #9

the train tracks at fort edmonton park.

So what have I learned this past week?
  •  Essie's Lapiz of Luxury is the only nail polish I own that I hate using my matte top coat with. It looks horrible. 
  • Tim Horton's can run out of coffee, and it is a horrible experience. 
  • English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea are not the same thing. 
  • I was not emotionally prepared for frost or snow. I wanted autumn; crisp fall days, knitted sweaters and riding boots, and plenty of apple cider. Not frost on my windows, winter boots and snow during my commute. Not cool, Mother Nature
  • I still need a vacation, and I still have not been able to book one. I guess there is always 2013?
  • I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE THANKSGIVING LONG WEEKEND. Bowls of Grandma's stuffing, get in my belly. 
Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?
  1. Having a bad day? Let the manatees make it better. 
  2. Everyone needs an awesome Star Wars wallpaper for their iPhone! {I have this one right now, and I love it!}
  3. If I had the patience, this would be my pumpkin for Halloween. 
  4. This is officially number one on my Christmas list...and this is number two. And three.
  5. I would wear these everywhere, even to work. 
What is your favourite Thanksgiving dish?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where Should I Travel In October?

It doesn't matter what causes it--bad weather, hordes of tourists, or showing up after everything has shut down for the season--it's a total bummer to visit somewhere new at the wrong time of year. There are plenty of resources that you can utilize while planning your trip to ensure that this doesn't happen, but I've done most of the dirty work for you! 

What should I do? The country offers 13 officially permitted hiking routes in the heart of the Himalayas--one of which is considered the most difficult trek in the world to complete.
When should I go? Attempt the Snowman Trek in October or April for the best conditions; hiking trails are open from April to early June, and again from September to November.

What should I do? Walk through the Selous Game Reserve, among Africa's most legendary (and dangerous) animals. 
When should I go? Walks are only permitted during the dry season (June to October), but the crowds tend to die down by mid-October. 

What should I do? Cycle the legendary Karakorum highway--the route along the Silk Road that connects Kashgar, China with Islamabad, Pakistan.
When should I go? Late Sept or early Oct for less rain and moderate temperatures.

What should I do? See the polar bears in person in Churchill, Manitoba.
When should I go? Polar bears migrate through the town during the month of October only.

Where in the world do you want to visit?

Rakas Kesa Travel Tuesday

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