Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#TT: Find Your Inspiration

{via Postsecret on Facebook}

One of the reasons that I love social media is because it is always changing. 
It progresses, it inspires, and it shares.  
Isn't that how we should be as well? 
Questioning the status quo, learning, evolving, growing. 
Dreaming, wishing, planning, doing. 
Where in the world inspires you?

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dinathehardy said...

This sounds awful but sadness inspires me. Misery, criminal things that shouldn't happen, things that make me wonder about the world and what makes us human. This inspires me. My illnesses, deaths of dear ones, music about breaks ups and heartbreaks, cruelty...it all inspires me. I get inspired by silence and sound, by walls, and voids. Sometimes, total darkness inspires me to find the light, in short, because, there usually is a way out of a labyrinth.

Ley said...

I don't think it sounds awful! I think a lot of people are inspired by sadness--that is what drives so many people to help make the world a better place!

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