Monday, June 25, 2012

What to Wear: Summer Weddings

It's no surprise that the entire world seems to choose the summer months for their weddings--the sun is warm, the days are long, and no one has to wear fleece-lined tights! I'm the kind of person that will completely over-think what I wear to a weddings--being over- or under- dressed is a fear of mine. To make sure that you aren't the girl that shows up in a prom dress when you should be wearing jeans, take your cue from the invitation: location, time of day, and even the font can point you in the right direction. If all else fails, contact the Maid of Honor (not the bride, she has enough to worry about!); she will be able to tell you the vibe of the wedding.

These are my picks for weddings this summer: 

dress | shoes | earrings    

What is your favourite kind of wedding to attend? 


Lorraine said...

Evening weddings! I know that not everyone's style is formal, but I just love that feel to a wedding. This is someone's wedding day! I think it's cool when everyone has put effort into looking their total best. 

Ley said...

I'm half and half--I absolutely love seeing everyone go all out for an evening wedding, but there is something refreshing about a country wedding where you drink cheap beer and two-step in the mud to the live music. Also I look amazing in plaid. 

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